2015-09-12T14:17:29.000-07:00September 12 2015, at 02:17 PM PDT, Chris DePeppe said:

Just wanted to say that we have never been more proud of a North Penn team than we were last night. The qualities we displayed in that match are CHAMPIONSHIP qualities and if we can play like that we can win more than our conference.
But we have to accept that sometimes soccer, despite all our efforts, can be a roll of the dice. CB East knows that they got a bit lucky last night.
But it is way too early to think anything but positive thoughts after that effort - we need to clean the slate in our minds and just pick up where we were at about the 110th minute last night. We are getting better every game and we are starting to play a style of soccer that can dominate our opponents.
So forget the result and focus on the good. And remember that we get a chance to right this wrong on Tuesday October 6th by beating East at home.

So let’s remember these positive moments from yesterday’s game:
Colin’s perfectly timed sliding tackle on the stadium side (not a foul) - big brother having his little brother’s back – the bench loved it
Matt Richardson’s powerful headers and complete disregard for his body to win 50/50 balls – that tackle in OT was bone-crunching and that sets a tone for us – great leadership
Kyle’s late game 1v1 defending on Vare - pushing him wide and not fouling in the box – smart and strong play from both of our center backs late in the game
Owen winning the ball all over the field and blocking shots on top of the 18 - and being in the right position all game
MK throwing his skinny legs into every loose ball and getting back up to do it again and again
Musa giving us a lot of options in the attack -sometimes being a post-up back to goal striker and then making great runs into space - and starting to show the mean streak we want in our striker
Tercheck getting into great attacking areas and looking like the next player who is gonna score goals for us very soon
Scott hitting great corners that are begging to be buried - and also getting around defenders with confidence
Eric handling every 1v1 battle in the box, spinning two Maradonas in one game cleanly, and playing smart and composed but also a little nasty (another great sliding tackle that wasn’t a foul)
DiCerbo working his tail off to be in the right place to intercept passes AND having the cool head to beat a man with a deft little cutback move in the middle of the pitch – solid play and great energy
Jordan handling anything they threw at him all night AND handling their aerial attack
Kyle-Matt-Eric-Nick-Owen-Colin for the GREAT defensive effort and good shape, ability to screen Vare and help out on him, and the IQ to identify their best players in the run of play
Bench players supporting the team on the field vocally – that is a sign of great team morale and we have to maintain that
Aidan’s cheering section – on the bench and in the stands – we all RESPECT what he is doing as a freshman
Seipt’s first touch of the game (and the genius of that coaching decision!)
Nate’s work rate and his ability to find the ball - he makes an impact whenever he gets in

So that is a lot of good stuff in just one game!
Remember, we were the team that was playing the better soccer late, and we were still trying to pick the lock with quick passing and good mobility in the final third. We were the more dynamic attacking team for most of second half and the overtime. That will be enough to score lots of goals on most teams AND we will only get better.
Time to move on…BUT in the back of our minds we should keep a faint memory of this game burning like a pilot light that we can turn up to HIGH when we take the field against every other team we play this season…because we just took the best team in the area/state to the last minute of overtime and we had the best of them for the last 40 minutes. And we deserved at least a draw – ask any eyewitness.
So remember the effort and the highlights and forget the result. Take out your anger on Quakertown and every other team in the conference. Play with a mean and hungry attitude.
The coaches feel very good about the makeup of this team. We have the right pieces and the right mentality to be a championship team. We showed that last night.
And in our experience, sometimes a gut-wrenching loss like that early in the season strengthens a team's resolve.
And the dice will roll our way too some days.
Let’s get after it on Monday and get on a winning streak.
Enjoy the weekend.
Coach Duddy and Coach DePeppe